Webcam Girl Fast Income Starter

My Special Report contains the nitty gritty of “How to Make Up to $1,000 a Week with OnlyFans in Complete Privacy!”

But here are some Starter Tips to get you going.

Don’t be surprised if you fall in love with webcamming.

I won’t promise that you will make celebrity income like these ladies:

Blac Chyna – $20 million
Bella Thorne – $11 million
Cardi B – $9.43 million
Tyga – $7.69 million
Mia Khalifa – $6.42 million
Bhad Barbie – $52 million
Erica Mena – $4.49 million
Gem101 – $2.3 million

But I do offer a conditional Money Back Guarantee:

Money Back Guarantee!
Here is our Conditional Money Back Guarantee. You must earn at least one thousand dollars a month! If you are not earning at least one thousand dollars a month after 90 days using the secrets, strategies, and methods you learn in this Special Report we will refund your money.

Let’s Get Started:

It’s A Business
You will find the best success if you treat this like a business (because it is). Even though you will be able to rake in the cash part-time. It may even quickly outpace the income from your full-time J-O-B (just over broke). Create a schedule and stick with it. You will need to be consistent.

Brand Your Character
Yes. You will want to create a character or alter ego for your webcam identity. Come up with several names and then see if they are available on:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter


TWITTER is a Friend!
Get on Twitter ASAP. This is the place to make your audience aware of your webcam schedule and special promotions.

Block Your Friends and Family
GEO Block your state from the Model Admin page, on the left-hand side, scroll down until you see a link called “model settings”. You will see an option there for “Blocked Locations” – use this to block your area or others you want to keep away from you. This will prevent people from within the province from seeing your profile or being able to see your webcam stream!

Start with “FREE” and Level Up
You have three basic modes on MFC: free chat, group chat, and private chat (private/true private). The majority of the highest-earning girls spend most of their time in free chat. Stay in free chat for your first few shows. Save group and private chat for prizes or special occasions. Under the “options” button on the left-hand bottom side of your screen, click “chat” and make sure you aren’t accepting group, private, or true private requests.

Increase Income with These Tips:

1 – Don’t wear crosses or religious jewelry. (No you are not a vampire it’s just that you don’t want guys thinking about religion when they are hanging out with you).

2 – For goodness sake get rid of any music with guys singing (or rapping). The lion’s share of your audience will be heterosexual MEN. Cater to their preferences. Either tonal music, female artists, or NOTHING (that means silence).

3 – Get sexy with your voice! Learn to continue to make soft guttural sounds as you are talking to your audience. Study some of the high-ranking ASMR videos on sex sites (Pornhub, Xvideos, etc.). Learn how the women there use their voices.

4 – Saying less is sometimes best. You can tease the viewer by NOT looking at the camera and hinting at what’s in store for them. Wear see-through tops. Don’t make the fatal mistake of giving away the goods. For heaven’s sake don’t show the guys everything before they pay. Men enjoy being teased.

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