Real MMO for Women

Want to make real money online without the slow social media grind?

For Women Only!

  • Are you tired of looking at a table of bills each month?
  • Does your paycheck run out long before your financial obligations are met?
  • Do you hate shopping in budget stores?
  • Feel like you deserve a better life?

Right this second millions of your husbands, brothers, and sons are spending amazing amounts of time online watching porn!

First, some facts:
40 million U.S. adults regularly visit internet pornography websites.
10% of U.S. adults admit to having an addiction to internet pornography.
20% of men and 13% of women admit to accessing porn while at work.

If you were to list the most popular websites by usage the top three sites would really look like this:

Google – 42.46 billion
Pornhub – 33.5 billion
YouTube – 23.35 billion

Relax, what I am about to propose to you does not require you to meet “Johns” in dark alleys!

(I will even show you how to reel in some of this amazing money without ever showing your face on camera. Keep reading).

Hi, I’m Eve Hanson.

For more than a decade I’ve been showing women how to tap into the motherload of profit hiding in plain sight online.

What I reveal is making bored housewives LOTS of money on the side.

The global pandemic, and the creation of lonely individuals, created a massive explosion in the need for a healthy expression of the sexual impulse.

If you let me, I will help guide you through the wasteland of online sexual perversion and nonsense and park you on the gold-plated lanes of the erotic superhighway.

I make a very decent living offering what I label “Clean Porn” to clients, online and off, looking to profit from what I teach.

What you are about to learn may shock, excite, and transform you (and your bank account) as I show you just how deep this rabbit hole of cash flow goes.

More importantly, you will discover how to safely, discreetly, and, yes, even anonymously, make more money online (part-time) than you ever thought possible!

You are about to get the answer to the burning question: “with all of the free porn online how is it possible to make any money?”

But let me back up a second.

(Getting ahead of myself).

Why take this “adult” approach to MMO?

In the early days, I tried almost everything to make money online:

  • eCommerce
  • blogging
  • affiliate programs
  • offering gigs
  • and almost every “get rich” product you could name!



As a single mom with a deadbeat ex-husband, I needed some financial help – FAST!

Today AI is the enemy when it comes to earning income online.

You could once charge premium prices for gig services. But now your profit is being eroded thanks to the new AI software. Folks using this software can undercut your profit margins all day long.

For these traditional freelancers it’s GAME OVER!

Sex Sells
But men are visual creatures and their lust for sexual stimulation is your ticket to “high-ticket” income online. Plus, you bypass the “logical critic” in their brains and target their primitive sexual compulsions.

They simply can not help themselves!

However, you can still deliver these ‘sexual solutions’ in an ethical manner. Most of what I teach you is harmless as an “R” rated movie.

How It Started
I ran across a famous 2004 study on WebMD that documented the “sex drive brain patterns” of men and women when looking at photographs.

This got me to dig deeper.

Hamann and his Emory colleagues used sophisticated MRI brain imaging to look into the brain activity of 28 male and female college students.

It’s a long report, but here’s the bottom line:

“However, in a closer look at responses to the photographs of couples — which got the biggest arousal from both men and women — men had greater activity in the amygdala and hypothalamus than did women, writes Hamann. Women showed no significant activation in these regions.

Men also revealed a “greater propensity” for finding even the “neutral” photographs arousing — although to a lesser degree, reports Hamann. This pattern may reflect what other sex drive studies have found, that across all cultures men prefer sexual variety more than women, he says.”

Men are simply wired that way.

According to the NIH National Library of Medicine:
“Testosterone influences various aspects of affective behavior, which is mediated by different brain regions within the emotion circuitry. Previous neuroimaging studies have demonstrated that testosterone increases neural activity in the amygdala.”

Additional research on the amygdala revealed:
“…that the structure is indeed about 10 percent larger in male brains.

These reports were instrumental and lead me to write my first book:
“Masturbation:100 Creative & Mind Blowing Techniques for Men”

(You can see my other books and research at: EveKnowsMen.Net)

Enough nerd speak!

I’ve been very busy since the first book. Most of my recent studies deal with documented case studies of women who found financial success on sites like OnlyFans.

The Low-Income Lemmings Principle
According to Almighty G a lemming is: “A person who follows the will of others, especially in a mass movement, and heads straight into a situation or circumstance that is dangerous, stupid, or destructive.”

You’ve seen this online right?

Some MMO method or process becomes popular and everyone jumps on the bandwagon. As more people do the market becomes saturated and profit dries up. (As of this writing digital newsletters are going through that same ‘race to the bottom’).

A Religious Moat
When you talk about MMO you need a moat. In the olden days, a moat was dug around the castle to keep out invaders. Today a moat is your ability to maintain competitive advantages with your business, fend off competition, and maintain profitability into the future.

When it comes to “Clean Porn” the moat is the mental religious constraint that many women have. Or more properly put have been programmed with.

There are many benefits to this Clean Porn MMO approach:

  • Safety (no STD)
  • Privacy – can be done anonymously.
  • Comfort – incredible income made from home.

Again, most women will never take advantage of the amazing income available here.

But if you are a bit adventurous and tired of a shallow bank account you can get started here.